kawabo - "カワボ"  

A cute girl with very, very cute voice. 

Delicate, Cute, Mischievous

kawaabo is a ladies fashion brand that's dedicated to bringing the latest trends and styles from Japan, Korea, and Asian pop-culture to the rest of the world - at a very affordable price. We bring out what's really trending from the streets and alleys of Japan, Korea, and China to light. We'll show you that it doesn't take much to be an Instagram star or a Tik Tok sensation. All you need is a little bit of kawaabo. 

Our products are sourced directly from the different styling manufacturers across Japan, Korea, and China. They are shipped from the manufacturers right to your door steps to ensure you will have the access to the latest kawaabo trends as fast as possible. 

Indulge yourself in the vivid experience of being dressed in the most popular fashion trends of Korea and Japan and become the next (maybe) Tik Tok sensation!